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Title: Villa Carolina Y Juan Beach Resort
Description: A proud sponsor of Cape

Admin - March 14, 2008 12:47 AM (GMT)
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Away from suffocating crowds, traffic or stress... Where the seabreeze and the palm trees whisper or roar... This is the land of Bolinao, famous for it's efforts against pollution. Where the coral reefs are getting restored and the rivers are clean...

Being small in size, compared to the surrounding resorts, this family business tends to reach the heart of the visitor by expanding in intrensic values.

Whether you like trolling tuna, sailing a banka in the sea, rowing in the river at no charge, snorkeling behind the protecting reef (under restrictions imposed by the surf), relaxing in our jacuzzi or swimming around the falls, exploring the number one cleanest river in the Philippines, buy your own fresh seafood to prepare your meal in the resort at no corkage... we make it all possible for you...

Rooms & Rates

Room High season Low season Notes
Php 6,000-10,000
8-16 persons - aircon

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Duplex Php 5,000-6,000 negotiable 8 -10 persons - aircon

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Small Kubo Php 3,000-3,500 negotiable 2 - 4 persons - aircon

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Big Kubo Php 3,000-3,500 negotiable 4 - 8 persons - fan

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Kabana Php 3,000-3,500 negotiable 4 - 8 persons - fan

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Small Room Php 2,000-2,500 negotiable 4 persons - fan

Big Room Php 3,000-3,500 negotiable 8 persons - fan

Beach Cottage Php 500 Php 500 max 10 persons

Swimming pool rates: are free for guests hiring a room. Guests without room pay Php 200 per person and are obliged to rent a beach cottage for their belongings.

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Food and drinks are allowed in the beach resort at no extra charge. Therefore we have an additional kitchen for rent at very low price. We provide barbeques and assistance from our staff to help you cook.

But also, we can cook for you to order. Orders are best placed the day before. Bolinao is known for it's fresh fish and seafood. Every morning our staff gets it in the local market. We invite you to come with us!

Two Karaoke machines are available at Php 5 per song

For the kids there is a video game machine.

There is free use of our trycicle (if you have no other transportation). All we ask is: refill the tank after use and give a small tip to the driver.

Billiard table is free for use

The use of the motor banka will be charged at Php 900 per half day and Php 1,200 per day)The motor banka (16 HP ) can be used for fishing, sightseeing...we can even bring you to Hundred Islands. Our boat has a capacity of 6 pax only, and the way to 100 Islands is far, though worth the trip as a lot of sightseeing is done during the passage. If our boat would not suit you, there is an option of arranging a boat with sufficient capacity in Bolinao harbour. Another possibility is, driving with the car from Villa Carolina to Lucap (in Alaminos) and hire a boat there (very close to 100 Islands). The trip from Villa Carolina to Lucap should take a little more than one hour.

Rowing banka and canoe are free for use in the river or for rowing between high water line and breakwater.

Possibility of body massage - please request a few hours before massage

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Our beach resort is situated between the bigger resorts Punta Riviera and Puerto del Sol at barangay Ilog Malino - Bolinao - Pangasinan - Philippines.

Driving Directions

A few hundred meters before entering town proper of Bolinao turn left. There is a signboard indicating "various beach resorts"

from Angeles City: direction Tarlac - Alaminos - Bani - Bolinao

from Manila: direction Tarlac - Alaminos - Bani - Bolinao

If you wish to take public transport try the Five Star and Victory Liner bus companies. These travel from Manila to Bolinao either from Pasay bus station near the airport or Cubao (Edsa). The fare is about Php 300 for a non aircon bus and Php 400 for an aircon bus. Other companies are : City Trans, Philippine Rabbit, Dagupan bus liner, Bolinao transit and Philippine Rapid.

Five Star Bus 12 Bolinao-Pasay City vice versa Tel # 833 8339, 833 3009

Dagupan Bus 6 Bolinao-Quezon City vice versa

Victory Liner 5 Bolinao-Quezon City vice versa

Philippine Rabbit 2 Bolinao-Manila Tel # 734-9838, 734-9836

Bolinao Transit Express 5 Bolinao-Dagupan vice versa

City Trans (Manila to Dagupan & Bolinao)

Reservations - Inquiries

Please call or E-mail :

Carol + 63 (0)921 - 698 - 3340/

Lui + 63 (0)927 - 336 - 2827 /


+ 63 (0)75 - 696 - 0665

Admin - March 14, 2008 02:25 AM (GMT)
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Message from the Owner Carol

Let me introduce myself. I finished my studies at Lyceum of the Philippines in Manila as a graduated certified public accountant. I have three children, the oldest is April Rose (18), actually continuing her studies in Belgium (Europe), the middle one is Angelica (16) and the youngest is Jo Anne (10).

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My husband Jan is a former shipping inspector for the Belgian government and I met him in Hertitage hotel, Manila where I worked as an employee and he was on a mission. That was the time of the land reclamation besides Roxas boulevard. We married in Belgium and the whole family resided there for almost thirteen years until his retirement last year.

My brother Lui, who finished Mapua, Manila as an engineer, is the manager when I'm not around and is our second contact point.

I bought the resort, formerly known as Villa Vicente, in March 2007 and officially opened it in June that year. In the mean time, great jobs have been done. One house was moved to make space for the brand new swimming pool. The bridge has many functions: creating a shadow for the swimmers as well as a hiding place for lovers - a restaurant on top, but, last but not least, she had to inspire the romantic soul of the Philippines and to symbolise a connection between two continents. The two hugging butterflies on the bottom of the swimming pool marked "Carol - Jan" indicate our commitment to each other. Native constructions were built and this is only the start... We plan to build our residence and include one level, divided into two parts: one as a dancing floor and one as a sports bar (depending the channel you choose). When undivided, that level will serve for different ceremonies as weddings, business meetings, baptismal, confirmation...

The beach resort is small, but referring to the french filosofer Pascal who said that eternity goes in two directions - the infinite big and the infinite small - thus we tend to evolue in intrensic values. That forgotten virtue in today's materialistic times! Therefore the resort is a designated family business that must make you feel home. There is the simplicity that makes you happy - regrading to the true values of life. There is the friendliness of our children and our staff, there is the swift service and you will never have the feeling that you have to pay for whatever your longings are. I was long enough in the West to learn how to think on the long term. Therefore: no rules in my beach resort (besides social order). Ask and we make things possible for you, because we want to see you again! We want to see you again for many years.

Sincerely Yours,

Carolina Papa Ore

SPECIAL PROMO Brought to you by: Villa Carolina Y Juan Beach Resort & Cape! B)

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